ALA 2014 panels are set!


Our panels for the 2014 ALA conference are now set–all sessions will take place on Friday, May 23rd (exact times TBA):

Ralph Ellison and the Question of Biography

Chair: Marc C. Conner, Washington & Lee University

1. “No Salvation in Europe: The Story of Ralph Ellison in Rome,” Benjamin E. de la Piedra, Columbia University

2. “Ellison and Malraux,” Kamila Louadj, University of Paris

3. “Ellison and ‘The History of Western Culture’: Life magazine 1947-48,” Tessa Roynon, Oxford University

4.  “‘Modulate, Daddy, Modulate!’  Polyrhythms and Metric Modulation in the Fiction of Ralph Ellison,” Michael Germana, West Virginia University.

Business Meeting Requested: immediately following panel if possible

Ralph Ellison and the Aesthetics of Culture

Chair: Adam Bradley, University of Colorado-Boulder

1. “What hast cast such a shadow upon you?”: Herman Melville’s Benito Cereno and the Sociopolitical Aesthetics of Racial Invisibility in Ralph Ellison’s Invisible Man,” Bryan M. Santin, University of Notre Dame

2. “‘What Did I Do to Be So Black and Blue?’: Ralph Ellison, Mississippi Ham Rider, and the Search for an Individualized Blues Identity,” Kimberly Mack, UCLA

3. “Ralph Ellison, Caribbean Fiction, and the Literary Culture of the Bildungsroman,” Suzanne Roszak, Yale University

4. “Roberto Bolaño’s Invisible Man: ‘The Part about Fate’ and the Fate of Ralph Ellison,” Kevin Moore, UCSB