ALA 2015: call for papers

Below please find the Society’s 2 calls for papers for the 2015 ALA conference.  Each panel will likely have 4 papers of 15 minutes each.  We hope to hear excited ideas from many of you!  It will be great to have another strong showing at ALA.  All information for the ALA conference can be found at:

1. Ralph Ellison and Internationalism

We welcome papers that explore aspects of Ellison’s life, thought, and/or work from the perspective of internationalism.  Approaches might include Ellison and international authors, Ellison’s engagement with themes or concepts that are international, Ellison’s travels internationally, and Ellison’s influence on subsequent international writers.

2. Re-thinking Invisibility in the work of Ralph Ellison

We welcome papers that interrogate in fresh ways the concept(s) of “invisibility” in Ellison’s work.  Papers could consider how invisibility functions in Ellison’s unfinished second novel Three Days Before the Shooting . . . , or how this idea has been taken up by subsequent writers and philosophers, or how invisibility functions in contemporary America (showing Ellison’s influence or, conversely, signifying upon Ellison’s ideas), or the meanings of invisibility in Invisible Man that have heretofore received insufficient attention.

Please send a one-paragraph abstract or proposal no later than January 15 to:  Marc Conner, Ralph Ellison Society secretary/treasurer, at


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