International Ralph Ellison Symposium

The International Ralph Ellison Symposium September 28-30, 2017 Oxford University

The Rothermere American Institute ( at the University of Oxford and the Ralph Ellison Society are pleased to announce the first International Ralph Ellison Symposium. The symposium will bring together Ellison scholars and readers from the United States, the United Kingdom, and other international locales. The symposium will explore a variety of themes vital to Ellison’s life and work, in particular the relevance that his self-fashioned American and African-American identity has around the world.

This is an immensely exciting gathering that seeks to understand not just Ellison’s own life and work and writings, but also the ways in which the rest of the world has responded to Ellison’s work and how Ellison’s work reflects his engagement with both the United States and the larger global environment.  Over 30 Ellison scholars will present papers, participate in round tables, and give addresses on Ellison and the World.


The symposium will open the afternoon of Thursday, September 28th and close the evening of Saturday, September 30th, 2017. The Ellison Society anticipates that the first International Ellison Symposium will give rise to an edited collection of essays. The conference is underwritten by a grant from the Ralph and Fanny Ellison Trust and is also supported by TORCH and the Rothermere American Institute.

For the full program, registration information, and lodging, please follow the links in the menu above.

Symposium poster:  Ralph Ellison Symposium (Letter – ANSI A)[1]